Sunday, October 16, 2011

He's back.....

Conrad Black is at it again. Even from behind bars he's giving us his take on the Occupy Wall Street protesters. "No one was without sin but they all were in feverish competition to throw the first stone, and follow with a fusillade," he wrote in his most recent National Post column. The Post allows this inmate, who is serving a five-year sentence for fraud, to write a regular column because Lord Black was its founder. (Can it be 13 years ago this month?) Of course, Black is a staunch defender of unrestrained capitalism and so his opinion of the protesters is pre-ordained.

Capitalism is the best system because it is the only one that conforms to the almost universal desire for more, for gain. This need not be Gordon Gekko's "greed works"; it is just as likely to be John Locke's proverbial prudent squirrel laying in enough acorns for the winter. But the desire for gain invariably pushes the system to excessive impetuosity.

This shouldn't be allowed. Take away his typewriter!

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